"Towards an African Renaissance"
Professors World Peace Academy
World University Federation
Johannesburg, South Africa  -  January 13-16, 1999
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Professors Venter, Alonso and Nsubuga prepare for the Game Drive near the Safari Ranch at 7 am on Saturday.

The giraffe was among the hundres of animals spotted on the dirve. Others included hippos, gazelles, various forms of African deer, wildebeasts, water buffalo, springbok, osteriches and various birds.

Professor Fianu from Accra, Ghana, listens to the guide talk about the water buffalo near which the safari vehicle stopped.

But it was not necessary to go on the drive to see more docile animals. These zebras cooled in the shade of  participants' "rondovels." Peacocks, giraffes, gazelles and other animals roamed the Safari Ranch grounds freely.

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