"Towards an African Renaissance"
Professors World Peace Academy
World University Federation
Johannesburg, South Africa  -  January 13-16, 1999
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Albert Venter, President of PWPA South Africa, opens the meeting with a discussion of Thabo Mbeki's statement on "African Renaissance" on behalf of the ANC at the Adoption of South Africa's 1996 Constitution Bill

Professor E.H.K. Nsubuga of Uganda presents his paper entitled "Education, an Agent of Human Resource Development," the session was chaired by Professor Nxumali from Swaziland

Professor P. Mafune of the University of Namibia presents his paper on "Men and Women in Reproductive and Intimate Relationships: Implications for Health in the Age of HIV/AIDS." To the left is Professor M.C. Musambachime, also from the University of Namibia, who presented a paper on "'African Renaissance?': What are the Solutions to the Unequal and Unfair Distribution of Wealth in Africa?"

Professor G.P. Pokhariyal, University of Nairobi, Kenya, presnts his paper "Science, Technology and Education for Modernisation and Development of Africa
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